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11 Grand to Write Articles?

According to KIROTV, freelance writer, Audry Lewis wrote (and eventually got published) a group of newspaper stories sympathetic to HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy. Seems Scrushy secretly paid Lewis $11,000 to read her articles before publication.

At the time, Scrushy was on trial for alleged involvement in a $2.7 billion accounting fraud scheme at the chain of health clinics. He was later acquitted.

Which makes me wonder: how far should newspaper reporters go to make sure their facts are “correct.”

I remember working as a stringer for the largest regional newspaper in central Minnesota. More than once, the person I interviewed asked to review an article I’d written about them before it got published. If my subject wanted to review a hard news piece, I didn’t let them review anything.

Soft human interest articles? Yup. Occasionally I allowed the interviewee to review it before publication. However, I rarely changed anything I’d written based on their requests.

But to be hired by someone under trial to present their “side” of the story? I’d say that was wrong.

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