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A Behind the Scenes Peek…

From Beth’s Desk

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Welcome! I know you’ve received a fair amount newsletter action in the form of Writing Etc., but today’s zine is just for you… no freelance stuff today. 🙂

In this issue, you’ll find a behind the scenes peek at Reclaimed Wonderland. Its back story is pretty fun. With Valentine’s day arriving fast, keep your eye on this space for fun cross promos with some awesome authors… starting today. Hope you enjoy this new feature. 🙂

Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to download the first batch of books in your Reclaimed Starter Library, give me a holler. The first book in the next series is in the final editing stages so watch for a cover reveal soon.

Onward and upward! — Beth 🙂

A Peek Behind the Scenes

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Penny and Jonathan of Reclaimed Trust fame were born in 2001. They endured the events of their adventure like champs. Good triumphed over evil. Love reigned supreme.

Thing is, I often wondered how things ultimately turned out for our two lovers. Their coupling was so improbable, nearly impossible, I couldn’t help but ponder their fate.

So, imagine my delight when another author suggested an anthology project entitled “Winter Wonderland.” I thought it was the perfect opportunity to revisit these characters and allow them the opportunity to reveal what they’ve been doing since their harrowing adventure.

But, I need to back up a bit.

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. After a horrific couple years, I decided life was too short to not explore the characters rambling around my noggin. So, I revisited my three previous works of fiction, edited and revised them all, then relaunched them this past year.

Reclaimed Wonderland is completely new, serving as a bridge linking my past projects with a very hopeful future.

In the real world, happily ever afters can be difficult to maintain. The song writer’s question, “How do we make love stay?” often haunts me. I had a hunch that the circumstances that brought Penny and Jonathan together would likely mess up the most well adjusted person. So, taking a peek into their life after the story ended… it was delicious.

And what an interesting turn of developments I discovered as I unearthed their present circumstance.

But, I can’t reveal too much… it would ruin the fun of watching their continued story unfold.

The joy in writing this was that I not only touched base with previous characters, I also got to introduce some characters in my upcoming Reclaimed Haven trilogy. Ashley and Ned don’t get to stretch their wings a lot in this tale, but you’ll get to meet them and catch a snippet of their story.

What excited me the most was that I got to introduce one of the most exciting characters I’ve met to date. Reclaimed Hope tells the story of not only David and Jennifer, but of a terrorist organization called the RNF. This organization plays a big part in Reclaimed Wonderland and their newest recruit is the character to watch. I have a hunch we’re going to hear a lot from her this coming year. 🙂

So here’s the deal. After cancer didn’t kill me that first time, I figured I wanted to work on projects near and dear to my heart. Reclaimed Wonderland is one such project. Watching Jonathan, Penny, Doris, and Dash try to outsmart a slew of baddies was pretty fun.

But best of all, it was an incredible sensation to write. Simply write. Tell the tale. Construct the characters. Go on the wild ride that only creating fiction provides.

To every reader I offer my humble thanks. Without incredible people like you, I’d never be able to continue this writing thing. You rock. Seriously, you do.

(Oh… and since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, you can still snag your own copy of Reclaimed Wonderland for under a buck. Cool, eh?)

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Author Spotlight:

I’ve met dozens of kind authors since my cancer diagnosis. That’s how I met Gabi Moore. She’s definitely a cut above many and her kind support has meant a lot. If every author were as helpful as her, the world of writing would truly be a marvelous landscape.

Check out her latest title (Note it’s pretty steamy…):

When they kidnapped her, something dark inside me came bubbling to the surface. I knew I wasn’t afraid anymore. I wasn’t going to ignore my past any longer. I wasn’t going to run forever… this time, I would fight.

Check it out here.









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