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A Cool Prompt

OK. Here’s the deal.

A little bird told me that you may be running out of ideas for your daily journaling.

You are journaling every day, aren’t you? After all, you are a writer.

Well, if you aren’t, that’s fine. But I suggest you snap to it.

You can grow your writing skills exponentially with a journal.

You become a far more observant human being when your journal.

In a word, you wake up.

Which is more than the vast majority of the human population can claim.

So, if you need ideas, I’m here to give you a leg up.

Here’s your first assignment:

Click this link and read this short news story:

I know. Kinda gross. But it’s also very sparse on details.

That’s your job.

Create the scene, before, during and after.

Should be fun.

Talk later,


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