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A day late and a dollar short.

Well, Amazon has disagreed with my plans for a .99 sale. Turns out they won’t let me run any awesome events unless I promise to keep them the exclusive seller of all my novels for the next 90 days.

I don’t think so.

July 1, we’re going “wide” and will offer all three novels at every online bookstore imaginable. It’s been a fun process.

However, I’m rather sad to say goodbye to my exclusive deal with Amazon. They’ve been very nice to work with. But it’s time to move on to other markets along with our Amazon listings.

So, I’m not saying farewell to Amazon, I’m just spreading my wings a bit.

Sorry about the lack of sale. But I was quite literally one day late to the party.

Go figure.

Onward and upward!

Beth 🙂

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