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A New Release, 3 Free Reads, and ARC News

Yikes! So much to cover today. But I’ll keep ‘er brief.

First: THANK YOU ARC team. Reclaimed Haven, Murder on First is out and the first review absolutely melted me. I’m so humbled, yet pleased that the book is humming despite my quiet release.

I fully admit this trilogy was difficult to write. It’s my first release since the cancer diagnosis and to say I approached it with fear and trepidation is an understatement. I’ve never released anything so close to home before.

You see, I penned the Haven series in between cancer appointments, surgery consults… whenever I could squeeze in a few sentences. The story shifted from its original outline because Ashley (the heroine) wound up dealing with this disease. I did this because after much thought, I felt this crazy (and romanticized) character type (the cancer patient trope) needed a more realistic ambassador.

If you read the review, I guess I succeeded… ha. Yeah. Some of the scenes are a bit realistic. But hey… cancer isn’t all that groovy. And I toned down the experience. A lot. However, the men who love us are extraordinary, as is Ned. I speak from experience in that regard.

But I digress. As usual. Check out Reclaimed Haven. It’s a fun ride. Here’s the link.

And speaking of the Reclaimed Haven Trilogy…

Second: Reclaimed Haven, Murder on Second is basically done. If you’d like to join the ARC team, let me know! Make sure you’ve read Murder on First (link above) if you want to join. After all, it is a trilogy… 🙂

Lastly: I’ve got some freebies for you!

Gabi Moore’s Fallen: A Bad Boy Romance is available on (where else?) Instafreebie. Be sure to download your copy.

Suzie Nelson’s Playing With Fire is also posted on Instafreebie. Grab your copy by clicking here.

Lastly: Melanie Tomlin’s Prolific Reader Website has a gazillion books available. Check it out. Here’s where you can discover new romantic suspense titles.

Oy! So much to read, eh?





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