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A New Writing Contest. :)

My novel number 3, TGV: Trains, Terrorists, Trust, will be officially released in two weeks. Very exciting time.

To kick off the festivities, Writing Etc. is hosting its second writing contest. Here are the details:

I’m giving away three copies of my newest novel via snail mail, three e-copies. This means I’ll announce three first place winners, three runners up.

First place winners will receive a hard copy of TGV as well as a certificate suitable for framing verifying their win. They’ll also receive a graphic announcing their win suitable for display on their website. Your entry will appear on my blog.

Second place winners will receive an e-version of TGV in the .pdf format along with a graphic announcing their win. Your entry will appear on my blog.

Entrance fee: none.

Here’s the book information:

While traveling through Europe on the TGV (high speed train), Jennifer Thompson encounters a series of unexpected events.

Here’s your assignment: In 500 words or less, tell me about a similar travel situation that you have faced.

Fine print:

  1. E-mail your entry to filbertpublishing(a) by June 14, 2010.

  2. Entries will be reviewed based on writing quality and story telling.

  3. Be sure to include your contact information (snail mail address) so I don’t have to hunt you down to send you your book should you win. If I can’t easily find your snail mail address, you’ll forfeit your win and someone else will receive your book. I will not use your snail mail address for any other purpose than this contest.

  4. Acknowledge that it’s OK with you that I post your winning entry (if you indeed win) on my blog.

  5. Winners will be announced in the July 1 issue of Writing Etc.

I think that’s it. I hope you enter and have a ball writing!

Talk soon!

Have a fabulous (and profitable) week!

Beth 🙂


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