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Adopting Puppies

This past weekend I’ve gone ‘round and ‘round trying to decide if we’re going to open our home to a new puppy from the Humane Society.

Lucy (our Rat Terrier Wonder Dog) is five years old and seems to miss going to her doggie classes. No, I don’t think she misses the obedience practices, but she does miss playing with other dogs.

I know this because her little face just lights up when she gets a chance to play with her neighbor friend, Pika, the bouncy black lab.

(Side note, if you’ll remember, Lucy stopped attending dog classes after the instructor, in a fit of rage upon discovering Lucy wasn’t listening as intently as she should on a hot Sunday afternoon, nearly hung Lucy and pummeled her little spotted dog body against the agility tunnel. Today Lucy’s fine, but she doesn’t have much of a desire to go to classes. I don’t blame her. I don’t feel like going either.)

But back to puppies… I dunno.

I keep my eye on the Humane Society listings, I almost drove there to just take a look at the dogs available, but I just can’t bring myself to adopt yet.

What if Lucy doesn’t like the new addition to our family? What if they fight over food? What about Lucy’s perches? Will she share them? And the toys, will Lucy attack anyone who tries to pick them up?

Too many questions.

Guess I’ll hold off until all the stars align perfectly for this project.

Talk later,


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