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Amazon Connect

I recently discovered that Amazon is jumping on the blog bandwagon.

Well, they’re kinda jumping on the wagon…

If you’re an author who has one of your titles in their system, you can now open an “Amazon Connect” account and get blogging. People who purchase your books can now read your bio, get hooked into your blog, and comment away.

Should be cool.

One of Filbert’s authors, Billie Williams, has already started posting.

Will this new technology help sell books?

Only time will tell, but so far it looks mighty interesting.

Here’s Amazon’s description of the service:

“Amazon Connect is a new program that allows readers to receive messages directly from their favorite authors. It opens an entirely new channel of communication between authors and their readers. Participating authors can post messages on their book detail pages and to the home page of readers who have bought their books on

[On the Amazon Connect page] is a directory of participating Amazon Connect authors listed by last name. Clicking on an author’s name will take you to their Profile Page. From there, you will be able to see the author’s bibliography and previously posted messages. You can sign up to receive an author’s future posts by clicking on the ‘Change what you receive’ link on their Profile Page.”

Here’s where you can get more info:

I’ll keep you posted on any new news on this service.

Talk later,


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