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Fall in love with the Reclaimed Series

The Reclaimed Haven Trilogy the three volume set:

Now you can download the entire Reclaimed Haven Trilogy in one handy volume! Get Murder on First, Murder on Second, and Murder on Third in one fell swoop at a very special price… but only for a limited time. Also, it’s only available direct from the publisher so you can’t get in on this great deal anywhere else. Check it out here.


Reclaimed Haven: Murder on First

Ashley Stone’s life turned upside down when she accepted a job at a small town newspaper. Harboring a deadly secret, she’s unexpectedly plunged into a vortex of international intrigue, murder, and foul happenings. To make matters worse, Ashley’s wrestling her own demons and as her life unravels, who can she turn to when all hell breaks loose?

Intrepid photographer Ned Steven escaped to… Read more here. 😛

Reclaimed Haven: Murder on Second

Ashley Stone’s new job leaped from dream to nightmare faster than you can say “small town murder.” Swept into an unimaginable vortex of international intrigue and global terrorism, Ashley has to somehow untangle the motives of a clearly insane mastermind. This is, of course, assuming she can subdue her own demon… a secret so breathtaking she can barely… Read on here. 🙂


Reclaimed Haven: Murder on Third

Ashley Stone can’t take much more. As her personal demons rise to a new and terrifying apex, outside forces swirl in a sinister plot. In her quest to untangle the terrifying brood behind the horrifying string of Crossroads murders, she’s neglected her health, her well being, even her safety. As a black shadow infiltrates Crossroads, she must either retreat into insanity or trust a rag tag troupe of intrepid terrorists to help untangle the plot.

Read on here… 🙂

Stand-Alone Novels in the Reclaimed Series:

Reclaimed Trust: Screams Fall Silent in the Desert

Penny Andrews relished her simple life writing academic papers, conducting research, and hanging out with her fiancee. But the day she accepted an easy writing assignment on the other side of the globe, she inadvertently triggered an international incident.

Jonathan Zadok is a reluctant monarch who’s managing a volatile land dispute with a neighboring country. His unintentional abduction of Penny most certainly didn’t fit into his diplomatic plans. With time ticking, he has to… Click here to continue…


Reclaimed Love: Evil Lurks in Friendly Places

Anne Olssen is blindsided when her husband is killed in a tragic car crash. Penniless and nearly homeless, she agrees to uproot her little family and move to Connecticut with her sister. With the overwhelming desire to remain strong, Anne finds herself in a precarious tug of war between maintaining her emotional strength and an unmistakable force pulling her into delusion. To make matters worse… Click here to continue.



Reclaimed Hope: Her Truth is a Lie. His Lie Holds the Truth

When Jennifer Thompson won an all expenses paid vacation touring Europe, she thought she hit the jackpot. With dreams of visiting the Old World’s finest tourist destinations, she never dreamed she was embarking on an adventure that would rock the foundations of everything she believed true. Her nightmare begins with the brutal murder of every passenger on a train… except her.

David McNally’s only family were members of the RNF, an international terrorist organization. Little did he know… Click here to continue.

A Reclaimed Novella:

Reclaimed Haven: Mayhem and Moola

Tom Tim’s got a tiger by the tail. He has a plot of land to sell, buyers are scarce as hens’ teeth, and… well… he lives in the middle of Murder Central. Whoda thunk a drowsy Minnesota town could earn that title? Tom certainly didn’t.

In fact, he’d probably ditch his dead-end position at Crossroad’s Realty if it weren’t for the ever gorgeous Sara Smith. If he had a ghost of a chance with that woman, she’d be worth every drop of crazy mayhem erupting all across Crossroads. Read more here…

Reclaimed Wonderland: a Winter Wonderland Anthology

Penny Andrews is a restless monarch. Years have passed since she and Jonathan Zadock embarked on the sensuous marriage ceremony called The Almach. But time hasn’t been friendly to their passion. After far too much time alone, Penny decides to travel home to Minnesota. But living in the “powder keg of the world” makes travel not only risky, it’s downright dangerous.

Jonathan Zadock has his hands full managing the volatile Henri Zone land dispute. His failure to manage this situation would result in… Click here to read more.