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The Reclaimed Universe

Reclaimed Haven Murder on First introduces Ned and Ashley. Both carry secrets. David McNally and Jim (yum) feature in this series. This is a trilogy with the second and third installments subtitled “Murder on Second” and “Murder on Third.”

Reclaimed Haven: Mayhem and Moola is a short novella. What do you suppose life is like in Crossroads with all the… well… murder and mayhem raining down on that sleepy little town? It’s free everywhere except Amazon (which refuses to offer it as a freebie. What’s up with that?!?)

Reclaimed Wonderland loops back to Penny and Jonathan (Reclaimed Trust) and gets you up to speed on how things turned out for them. It also introduces you to Ned and Ashley from Reclaimed Haven. You also get to meet (!~!~) DORIS! She’s the wizard of the upcoming Reclaimed Life Heptalogy. (You know I picked a seven part series for the sole purpose of dusting off the word “Heptalogy.) 😛 This is a stand alone novella.

Reclaimed Hope is all about David McNally and Jennifer Thompson. Yikes. She goes on a simple vacation and all heck breaks loose. Larry, Penny Andrews’ former fiancee makes an appearance. It’s a stand alone.

Reclaimed Love tells the story of musician Steven Vandrose and Anne Olssen. You may remember Steven from Reclaimed Trust. His song triggered… well… spoilers. 🙂 This is another stand alone novel.

Reclaimed Trust began it all. It tells the story of Jonathan Zadock and Penny Andrews. This is a stand alone novel.