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Reclaimed Trust

“The tale grabs my interest from the beginning and keeps me reading.  This is an entertaining story, just real enough to make me think, “Well, I guess it could happen,” and just improbable enough to set my own imagination to spinning daydreams.”

Penny Andrews relished her simple life writing academic papers, conducting research, and hanging out with her fiancee. But the day she accepted an easy writing assignment on the other side of the globe, she inadvertently triggered an international incident.

Jonathan Zadok is a reluctant monarch who’s managing a volatile land dispute with a neighboring country. His unintentional abduction of Penny most certainly didn’t fit into his diplomatic plans. With time ticking, he has to juggle local customs, keep his country’s favorable status with the USA, and hold his enemies at bay. His solution? He has to persuade Penny to take part in a secret, sensual ceremony that would forever bind them.

But their post-marital bliss is short lived when an assassination attempt separates them. With everything they hold dear on a knife’s blade, Jonathan and Penny find themselves on a roller coaster of intrigue that will threaten their very lives. Jonathan and Penny must face seemingly insurmountable obstacles if their love is to survive.

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