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Caribou Coffee 5k, Weekend Update

Fantastic weekend.

First, on Friday, on our regular morning walk, little Rudie (the Doxie Cross) found a dollar in the middle of the road. Ha. I’d never been paid to walk before. I gave her strict instructions to find a few more bills, but she didn’t listen. Dang.

Second, on Saturday morning, my dh, Rudie, and I attended the first annual Caribou Coffee 5k walk/run.

Now, I walk a lot. Usually, I vary my path, making sure to get enough steps to fill my daily allotment, careful to make sure weather isn’t a factor in my return trip. If it’s too cold, life becomes unpleasant. If it’s too hot, my elderly dogs are miserable. A quick plan before heading out generally results in a pleasant experience.

I’ve never walked an official 5k on a track before. A couple thoughts came to mind while doing so.

1. It’s weird to walk in circles. How do people do it? We just went round and round twelve times. At first it was fine, then I got a bit concerned at the boredom creeping into my mind. Then I began to carefully tick off each lap, waiting for the end.

I liked the 5k. I didn’t like walking in a circle. But that’s just me.

2. I appreciated this event. It was held at the same location as the Relay for Life, yet this one felt different. Perhaps it was because all the coffee donations went directly to the oncology center I frequent. Perhaps it was because an additional 20 percent goes directly to cancer care. Perhaps it’s because I really like our local Caribou Coffeehouse.

It was fun… a very personal event that felt more hopeful, and less sickness oriented, than the previously mentioned fund raiser.

3. Cancer changes everything. Absolutely everything. I’m back at work more than ever since the cancer, but it’s still rough going. I don’t have much to say. That’s a bad thing for a writer. If I don’t have anything to say, I generally don’t send out an issue of Writing Etc.

So, my editorial schedule is still quite flexible. By necessity. Despite all the laps around the track, I still couldn’t figure out what’s going on when it comes to writing. But I’m finding my way. Hopefully.

Finally, the weekend ended with my dh finishing a few outdoor projects. Turns out he left the outside door open. So, when I entered my office today, I had at least four flies buzzing around my desk.

After hunting them down, one by one, I had one final bug to annihilate. He evaded me for over an hour before the buzzing stopped. Suspicious, I searched for his location. I finally found the pesky creature perched on the fly swatter. I let him sit.

Well played, wily fly. Well played.

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