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Copywriting Sweatshop

Greetings from California!

Harlan Kilstein’s Six Figure Copywriting Seminar continues. At this very moment I’m sitting in Harlan’s room surrounded by 11 other writers, all pounding away at their computers, shouting ideas, and throwing back brewskies.

I’ve never met a nicer group of people.

Strangest things about this group of writers is that instead of jealously guarding their secrets, they tend to give each other a leg up… a helping hand… a sounding board for new ideas.

In fact, at this very moment Tina and Harlan are coaching a participent on how to run her Ask campaign. Boy, they’re really brainstorming.

Last night Chris Jones from gave me a ton of tips for one of my own keyword campaigns. He really went the extra mile.

Ask for that kind of help from any other community and I’m not sure you’d get that same response.

It’s incredible. The talent contained in this one room is utterly explosive.

And so is the volume.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to Minnesota and my quiet writing room.

I think I’ll miss these folks.

Talk later!



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