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OK. Life is going well, I’m exercising daily.

I pop in a new Wii game called “EA Active, More Exercises.” Yeah. Talk about a lame title, eh?

But, the new workout is anything but lame.

Towards the end, I was supposed to do 20 “crunches.”

No problem. My weight is down. I’ve been exercising daily for months. I plopped to the floor, laid down and prepared for the inevitable.

As the kind lady on TV yelled, “One!” my head lifted from the floor.

Let me repeat: my head. Just my head.

Not my shoulders. Not my back either.

Just the head.

If I recall correctly, isn’t the body, from the waist up, supposed to raise during a crunch?

Dang. My only conclusion is that I’m still horrifically out of shape.

So… I’m still attempting to “crunch,” without much success after two days. 🙂

I’ll keep at it. But, if you’ve got any tips on how to get those abdominal muscles to work better, I’m all ears.

‘Til next time,


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