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Cutting Checks

Today I get to embark on one of my favorite spring activities: cutting royalty checks for Filbert Publishing authors.

This day always makes me tremendously grateful for our incredible authors, readers who entrust us with their time, how wonderful this community is.

I’ve had the opportunity to take part in a number of Internet groups these past two years and wow… we’re a lucky bunch, us writers. The professionalism, the kindness, the constructive criticism is awesome. Somehow we seem to have learned to discuss hot topics minus dog piling (I didn’t even know what that meant until a couple years ago), flaming (another new word), and anger (ha, I knew that one). 🙂

I never could have come back from the nightmare of cancer without the incredible support I received from the Writing Etc. community. They’re an awesome bunch.

So, today I’m back in my office cutting author checks. It’s a good day. (And yes, as you can see from the pic, I need to clean my desk. It’s difficult to do when it’s covered with such awesomeness.)

I hope you take time to do something fabulous today.

— Beth 🙂

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