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Hey Romantic Suspense Lover!

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P.S. Here’s the link to download your first new book. Be sure to have Adobe Acrobat on your computer so you can open the file. Also be sure to watch your inbox for your upcoming freebies. 🙂

Blank bookcover with clipping pathDownload Reclaimed Trust: Screams Fall Silent in the Desert Book one by clicking the following link:

FinalFormattedReclaimed Trust First Look Library



Hang tight! Here’s what’s hitting your inbox in the coming days:

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Reclaimed Love: Evil Lurks in Friendly Places

Watch for this freebie to hit your inbox shortly. This will give you time to dig into Reclaimed Trust. 🙂


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Reclaimed Hope: Her truth is a lie. His lie holds the truth.

This title’s a corker. The story was so huge that my next series, Reclaimed Haven takes place in the same town AND is a full fledged trilogy. Just a tiny peek behind the curtain. Cool eh?