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Gotta Steal This Book

These past few days I’ve been reading Harlan Kilstein’s “Steal This Book! Million Dollar Sales Letters You Can Legally Steal to Suck in Cash Like a Vacuum on Steroids.”

Whew. That’s a mouthful, eh?

Quickie review: I’m around 100 pages into it and am deeply impressed.

This guy knows his stuff.

Along with sharing every aspect of his personal swipe file, Harlan’s included a thorough intro to each letter along with detailed instructions on how to effectively and ethically swipe ad copy for your own use.

Pretty cool stuff.

Bet you want to get your hands on it.

Well, you can’t. Not for a couple months at least.

I’ll let you know when this “gotta have” book’s finally released.

Until then, I’ll keep reading and will report back here.

Take care!



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