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Greetings from San Francisco!


I’m sitting in a motel room surrounded by handome men.

Totally true. Kinda.

I’m at Harlan Kilstein’s Copywriting Seminar and at least forty people are currently sitting in his hotel room, laptops humming, keyboards tapping, jokes flying left, right, and center.

We’re quite the noisy bunch. Productive, too.

If you had a chance to attend this event and didn’t grab the opportunity, I truly feel bad for you.

After a marathon, mind bending session today I didn’t think I’d be in any shape to write tonight.

But after a quick supper, I’m raring to go.

How could I not be after everything I learned today?

Jeepers. I had no idea there were so many ways to earn a living as a writer without ever looking at a client.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s revelations.

Talk later,


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