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Hot Romance Novels

Yahoo News tells us that romance readers want “more” and romance.

In fact, they go so far as to say:
“More women want more fiction about what’s going on between the sheets, book publishers say.
“’If you had said five years ago, ‘erotic, hot, sexy romances,’ people would have said ‘What, are you crazy?’ ” says Kensington editor in chief John Scognamiglio. “Publishing goes in cycles. Erotica now seems to be the new hot thing.’”
Wow. Erotica?

Could be interesting, eh? Bet this bit ‘o news will have an impact on the next “romantic” scene you write.

Here’s the whole story:

Talk later!

Beth (whose first novel “The Almach” was said to have had “sex scenes hotter than desert sand.” Guess I was ahead of this trend…)

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