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I’m Tired Today

It’s been a huge day. I updated as well as What a lotta work!

Filbert’s getting too big again so I figure I’ll take down some back issues and place the articles in the “articles” section. I know. I should be able to update the site one page at a time, but XSite Pro doesn’t allow that. It carefully saves all 174 pages (very slowly I must add) and updates each one as well.

Drives me nuts sometimes.

However, I do appreciate the easy updating, plug and play. Guess that’s the price you pay for ease of use, eh?

I do recommend XSite. Just be aware that as your site grows, it will stagger under the weight of too many pages.

Hey, my dear son is uploading a cool Jake and Rudie video to YouTube. I’ll post it when he gets ‘er up.

How exciting…

Talk later,


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