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I’m “Under the Cuckoo Clock!”

Under the Cuckoo Clock author Maryjo Faith  Morgan mentioned the latest issue of Writing Etc. in her column. VERY cool. She writes:

I love writers’ critique groups. Love the synergy, love the connections with others who love the craft of writing the way I do.

I also enjoy getting newsletters from writing coaches, writers markets and publishing companies. Got one this week – an extremely well-written  first person account by Beth Erickson of Filbert Publishing. Knocked my socks off!

Again… very cool. I’m humbled and appreciative to know she found my sad colon cancer story inspirational enough to trigger a desire to write more. That’s exactly what I hoped would happen.

Be sure to click the link and read all her thoughts on the subject. Feel free to comment, if you’d like. She’s an awesome person. 🙂


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