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J. Peterman

Still on my writing binge. Still feels great.

However I stole a few moments this morning to dig through my ever-growing pile of “junk” mail.

Yup. I collect the stuff. Even file it. Some of it’s… well junk. Ah, but every once in a while I stumble upon a true gem.

Like this morning when I found the latest J. Peterman catalogue. “Owner’s Manual No. 39 for Carnival 2006.

Makes me smile every time.

The guy breaks more direct mail rules than I can count but sheesh, I can’t put the thing down! I plan on buying something this issue just so I don’t fall off their mailing list.

Want a taste of the writing? Check ‘em out. I’d suggest you order a catalogue, too. It’s great reading.

Talk later,


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