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Jennie and the Newbie

Years ago, I knew a fledgling writer from out East named Jennie.

Jennie began her illustrious career with stars in her eyes and a dream in her heart.

Because she’d just recently completed a big-time writing course,finished her college education (at the top of her class, thank-you-very-much), she gunned after big markets, always expecting a huge assignment. She became continually stunned (and quite discouraged) when her all-to-familiar slim SASE arrived with the bad news.

This woman researched every new writing market inside and out. She drafted every query to perfection. She mailed it to the right person within the organization. She even followed up with an occasional phone call.

Still… no lucrative writing assignments.

What does this have to do with you? Stay tuned.

One day, on the other side of the state, an “uneducated” upstart started competing with her on the exact same assignments. To make matters worse, this irritating so-and-so started LANDING the assignments that seemed to elude her.

She was devastated.

Every time another of those blasted thin envelopes (always containing a humiliating rejection letter) landed in her mail box, Jennie “knew” she’d just lost another assignment to the newbie.

She initially thought that the newbie was undercutting her fees. But she was shocked at the high fees she charged.

No one would pay those prices. Would they?

Soon the only conversation in Jennie’s mind was about this new writer and all the assignments she was losing.

The smile was permanently gone from Jennie’s face. She was worried. Soon, she cut her marketing budget. Not long after she accepted a part time secretarial job.

Finally, she quit writing all together.

Sadder yet, the stories resting within her were never released.

Meanwhile the newbie writer began to turn work away because she couldn’t handle all the incoming assignments.

Meanwhile, Jennie muttered bitterly to anyone who would listen (and few cared to) how unfair the freelancing world is, how the economy’s shot, how only “insiders” can get their foot in the door to higher-paying writing gigs..

If you love writing, then you’ve seen Jennies everywhere on the Internet, writers’ conferences, out in the field.

One day, you seem to be making some progress in your career, the next, you’re swearing that everyone’s forgotten you and you can’t sell your writing more than fly to the moon.

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Beth Ann Erickson

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