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Kandi is Dandy

The annual Kandi is Dandy days is in high gear today. The parade marched directly in front of our house and we gathered a half bag (Walmart sized) of candy. That’s what you get when you combine more parade people than spectators. 🙂


My favorite? The kite flying.

After the parade, my husband and I ran down to the old elementary school to watch the kite flying competition on the ball field. Jake the Min Pin and Rudie the Doxie Cross accompanied us.

Being part bird dog, Rudie seized the opportunity to roll in any and all bird droppings. Poor Jakie felt a little stiff after a run in with a big, mean Labrador last night. After a quick vet visit and half a pain pill, he’s on the mend.

But Kandi is Dandy days are small town life at its best. Idealistic seminars teaching how to play a button accordion is followed by Irish music, followed by a street dance.

Should be a fun night!

Talk later,


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