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Las Vegas Adventures!

Las Vegas is odd.

First, it’s unimaginably different than Kandiyohi. The traffic? Unbelievable. Constant noise. So. Many. People. Luckily many are actually quite nice.

Second: So. Many. Lightbulbs. I’ve pondered entering the bulb business and setting up shop in this neck of the woods. I’d make a killing. Oy.

Next: I miss vegetables. They have them here, but they’re drenched in butter, oil, sauce… fancy, I suppose. I love crisp, steamed vegetables. I’ll have to whip some up when I get home.

Also: it’s so warm! That’s lovely. I’m heading home to snow covered grass today. My parka’s locked in the truck waiting for me at long term parking. I expect a chilly shuttle ride…

I’m looking forward to heading back to the familiarity of my office. I can’t wait to see my family. And my kitty? I think I’ll hold her for the next 24 hours.

Vegas turned out to be a great trip. I met many new writing friends and got to connect with fabulous friends. The amount of raw talent at this writing conference floored me.

So, I head home exhausted, sore (sitting so much is the pits), a bit bloated (ack… the food down here is way too good), full of new ideas, and very inspired!

It was a good week. 🙂

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