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My Relative is Famous!~!

My soon to be brother-in-nephew, Dan Fagnan hit Yahoo news. Seems he was out panning for gold and struck, well, diamond. It’s a neat story, nothing complicated:

“Everyone thinks I’m a fruit loop for panning for gold,” he told the New Richmond News of his hobby. The newspaper noted that the local gold Fagnan finds is often small flakes that don’t amount to much.

But something caught his eye while he was sifting through wet sand and stone from his friend’s well.

It was an irregular-shaped, transparent rock that Fagnan initially thought was a piece of glass.

Was he ever wrong.

So, yes. He found a full fledged 1.2 karat diamond. A delightful event for a very nice person.

Then the comments started flooding in and I lost some faith in humanity. Ugh.

If you read the story, enjoy. If you read the comments… you’ve been warned. Dan is one of the nicest, most down to earth, delightful, fabulous people I know. He’s awesome. I’m glad for his stroke of luck.

Here’s the link.

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