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Oh Dear! I must defend Colleen.

Colleen Lachowiwicz is a senatorial candidate in Maine. She’s also a level 85(!) Orc character in World of Warcraft. Her political opponents are using this information against her and have stated she’s “unfit for office” due to her activities in WoW.

Holy cow!

I can never run for office because someone may discover I’m a level 42 Draenei named “Mom” in the same game. I suppose if I had to, I could revert to my secondary character named “Mom2” but she’s only level 32 but I doubt that would make things better.

My only complaint with Colleen is that she chose to be an Orc. Seriously, an Orc? Other than that slip of judgment, I’m behind her 100 percent.

Read all the madness here.

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