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On a Writing Binge

Wow. What a weekend. Fantastic, really.

Didn’t get even ONE phone call yesterday. None today either. No interruptions whatsoever. ‘Twas wonderful.

I’m currently on a writing binge that began… well it began a while ago. Except now I’ve had two marvelous uninterrupted days of pure writing bliss. Did I mention that the stupid phone hasn’t rung once!?

I’m a mess. Hair’s in a sad pony-tail. Most of it’s too short to get in there so it fringes around my face in little strings. I didn’t brush my teeth until 1:00 this afternoon. I know. Gross.

I’m even wearing my writing uniform… Levis, t-shirt, covered with my grey wool sweater. (Bad vegetarian. BAD vegetarian.)

But life’s good. Way, super good.

And this binge feels wonderful.

Talk later!


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