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Welcome! Happy reading! Beth 🙂 Chapter 23B Ned and Ashley stopped by her house before heading to O’Neils. As they
Welcome! We're closing in on the end of this installment... Beth 🙂 Poo Ned scrolled the webpage on his phone.
Welcome! Happy reading! Beth 🙂 Chapter 22B “So, what ‘cha thinking?” A slow smile spread across Ned’s face. “This might
Welcome! Enjoy! Beth 🙂 Espionage Ned rolled the tin can around in his hand. “Look inside! It’ll come out eventually,”
Only for a short time, though. Pick up your copy ASAP and enjoy! Just click this link:
Welcome! Happy reading! Beth 🙂 Chapter 21B Ashley and Ned stood next to the rear gate of his pickup. “How
Welcome! Happy reading! Beth 🙂 Dog Food It had been a quiet morning at the Moe residence. Ike couldn’t take
Welcome! Enjoy! Beth 🙂 Chapter 20B “So, let’s suppose that maybe, just maybe we could combine our efforts to find
Welcome! I hope you're enjoying Murder on First! Beth 🙂 Dangerous Conversations “So, you call yourself Maisy Muffbottom…” “Maisy Mills.”
Welcome! Enjoy! Beth 🙂 Chapter 19B Ashley sat alone in the office typing her latest information into a somewhat coherent
Welcome! As you read this, I hope you're safe, happy, and healthy. Take care! Beth 🙂 Conversating Drake Mallard scoured
Welcome! Ack. Time got away from me. Hope you enjoy this new installment. Beth 🙂 Chapter 18B Ashley and Ned