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Welcome! Ah. Today Ashley's story unfolds a bit more... Beth 🙂 Chapter 11B The pickup turned onto a twisted, narrow
Welcome! The saga continues... Beth 🙂 Farmhouse Love Ashley sat in the warm comfort of Ned’s truck. With her little
Welcome! What's up with Ned? Beth 🙂 Superstar Revelation Ashley sat at her desk feeling supreme. She’d done it… her
Welcome! Thanks for reading! Beth 🙂 Chapter 9B Ashley’s ears still burned. She didn’t expect the greeting she received when
Welcome! Today you get to meet an exceedingly... interesting... citizen of Crossroads! Beth 🙂 Maisy Boom waka waka, Boom waka
Welcome! Enjoy! Beth 🙂 Chapter 8B Ashley slept like the dead. Ned poked her, only to verify that she hadn’t
Welcome! Look how far we've come! Book one, in the can. Now the plot thickens as we enter the second
Welcome! Ach. Sorry for the delay! I'll post extra this week. Promise. 🙂 Let's get cracking, eh? Beth 🙂 Murder
Welcome! Secrets unravel in today's installment. Enjoy! Don't forget... you can read the whole sh'bang... registration is free. Beth 🙂
Welcome! I always think of Mallard as an unsung hero. Plus, the more you get to know him, the more
Ashley and Ned sat at the cafe booth. Silence enveloped them as they quietly waited for the waitress to appear.
Welcome! I can't wait for you to check out this newest chapter! Beth 🙂 Supreme Surprises The phone vibrated in