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Welcome! I can't wait for you to check out this newest chapter! Beth 🙂 Supreme Surprises The phone vibrated in
Welcome! Oy... Ashley and Ned are sinking a deeper into danger, eh? Let's just say things aren't about to ease
Welcome! We're getting deeper into the story. Things are about to get a bit dicey so now's the time you'll
Welcome! A shortie, but goodie. Yup. I shoulda calculated the chapter length better. Oh well. Because I'm knee deep in
Welcome! Enjoy the thrilling conclusion to Chapter 3! Beth 🙂 Reclaimed Haven: Chapter 3C With the crowd dispersed, with the
Welcome! Are you ready to check outChapter 3B? Well, let's hop to it! -- Beth 🙂 Reclaimed Haven: Murder on
Welcome! Enjoy Chapter Three! Beth 🙂 Crossroads Superstar The folks of Crossroads, Minnesota, population 513, hadn’t seen anything like it
Welcome! Enjoy the second half of Chapter Two! Beth 🙂 Reclaimed Haven: Murder on First -- Chapter 2B: Drake Mallard’s
Welcome! I hope you're enjoying reading Reclaimed Haven: Murder on First. I'm honored you're here. Today you'll some of the
Author note: Welcome! Thanks for reading. Reclaimed Haven: Murder on First is (obviously) the first in the Reclaimed Haven Trilogy.
Life’s fabulous! Have a thick skin! Never let ‘em see you sweat! Think happy thoughts! How do you handle social
How does trademark work? What are the implications of trademarking certain words? Today Beth and Victoria (who just happens to