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Reclaimed Haven: Murder on First — Chapter 3D


A shortie, but goodie. Yup. I shoulda calculated the chapter length better. Oh well. Because I’m knee deep in a top secret project (watch for a cover reveal), I hope you’ll cut me some slack…


Beth 🙂

Reclaimed Haven: Murder on First — Chapter 3D

And that’s how Ashley’s illustrious career at the Crossroads Herald began. Her first official assignment was a story that would impact her life far longer than she expected. It would have a profound effect on not only her health, but the trajectory of her career, and would take her places she never imagined. This story would offer a chance at happiness… if she could extend herself enough to accept it. She’d face her own mortality and most feared adversary.

She’d lose friends, search for love, and risk her life on more than one occasion.

But at this exact moment, as she sat sipping her hard lemonade, enjoying her codeine haze, she felt happiness, pure unadulterated contentment, and had no idea the terrifying depths of the story she was about to research.

And the door to utter madness was triggered by a simple golden Labrador.


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