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Reclaimed Haven: Murder on First — Chapter 16C


We’re closing in on the grand conclusion of book one! I’ve got some fun surprises in store so keep an eye on this space! 🙂

Beth 🙂

Maisy Mills stopped by the bank on her way to work. Her little website project had experienced a particularly profitable few days. “I love you, Ms Muffbottom,” she whispered. “If this keeps up, I’ll have to find a few more banks so nobody will suspect anything.”

She whizzed through the drive through and was a block from the office when she saw it. It never would have caught her eye except she was specially trained to notice the unusual. See the unseen. Act on the ordinary.

The dark sedan blended into the scenery in an overtly normal way. She discretely slowed down. As she passed it, she examined the driver while keeping her face stock still, gazing straight ahead. She gasped.


Ashley and Ned were the last people to arrive at the office.

You two driving together now,” Bart barked as they entered.


Good for you,” said Maisy.

Dick sat sullen, black rings hung beneath his eyelids.

So,” said Bart, “now that you’re here, I can get started.” The phone rang. “Goddammit.” He grasped it with his doughy hand and lifted it to his ear. “What.” He listened a few moments, then said, “Great. Thanks.” He breathed deep, seemingly gathering his thoughts.

Well,” he said, “we have a problem.” His eagle eyes scanned the little group of employees. “Kaufman’s dead. Cops have no suspects. Their investigation is going nowhere. CSI folks haven’t found anything interesting.” His lips tightened. “And just now I hear Dr. Tonn is missing. Folks can’t even find his pickup. Either he’s skipped town, unlikely… or he’s dead.”

Or,” said Ashley, “Maybe he just went on a vacation.”

Or his phone broke,” said Maisy.

Skipped work,’ Dick drawled.

Could actually be any number of things,” said Ned.

Good,” said Bart. “Investigate it. Write me a great story. Help me scoop that damned Gazette.”

He turned to Dick. “I need to talk to you.” Dick nodded. “The rest of you,” he said, “Get moving. Give me something fantastic.”



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