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Reclaimed Haven: Murder on First — Chapter 17B


The saga continues!

Beth 🙂

P.S. I don’t know why, but I have so much fun writing Mallard… 😛

Officer Drake Mallard leaned over the report, poring over its contents. Pictures spread across his desk while a magnifying glass glistened in his grasp.

Find anything, Sherlock?”

He ignored the question, instead focusing on his investigation.

I thought you were supposed to move on. Weren’t you kicked off that case?”

Mallard continued his task, occasionally grabbing a post-it note and affixing it to the photograph. Finally, he grabbed a pile and carried them to his superior’s office. He tapped on the door.

What ‘cha want?”

He opened the door. “I have a fast question.”


About this.” He pointed to a photo.

An annoyed sigh escaped his lips. “I thought you were off this case.”

Yeah,” agreed Mallard, “but something’s been bugging me.”

Seriously? You’re still nosing around?”

Yes,” said Mallard, “but on my own time.”

The other officer slightly rolled his eyes. “OK then,” he said, “what have you supposedly found that some of the best forensics experts in Minnesota missed?”

Well,” he pointed to the picture, “I patrol Crossroads. I know the people. I’m aware of their vehicle situation.”

Vehicle situation?”

Small town,” said Mallard, “I keep track of the vehicles so I know who’s who. When I see ‘em on the street, I pretty much know who I’m dealing with.”


Anyway,” he said pointing to an exact spot on the photo, “I saw this grey sedan. I don’t know who it belongs to.”

Big deal.”

Yeah, but it’s in more than one photo.” He pulled out more pictures and highlighted the vehicle in each one.

And this is significant… how?”

Well,” said Mallard, “I don’t recognize it. It showed up shortly after the big murder. Now it’s hanging out there.”

Your point?”

My point is that it’s worth a look.” He paused. Then he repeated, “Definitely worth a look.” He added, “I mean, we’ve got nothing to help solve this case. Big fat zero. Nothing to launch a proper investigation.” No response. He clarified. “If this is a lead… or can lead to a lead, don’t you think it’s worth a tiny peek? I mean seriously. Grey car. Two occupants. Hanging around town after a big murder.”

Got anything else to do?”

Not right now. Just patrolling.”

His superior sat a moment. “Fine. Don’t let it interfere with any of your other duties. And do this by the book. Don’t go abusing anyone’s civil rights.”

A wide grin spread across Mallard’s face. “Great. I’ll get on it.”

Nothing to get on. Just poke around. That’s it.”





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