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Reclaimed Haven: Murder on First — Chapter 5A


I can’t wait for you to check out this newest chapter!

Beth 🙂

Supreme Surprises

The phone vibrated in his pocket. He paused a moment, scanning the room. He discretely stepped towards a quiet corner, grasped the phone, and lifted it to his ear. He whispered, “I’m here.”

“Everything is going according to plan,” intoned the voice on the line, “Target number one is exterminated. Number two will be dispatched soon.”

“Do we have a tentative location for number two?”

“Yes. However, identity isn’t confirmed yet. We have our suspicions. We will proceed when we have a solid ID and elimination plan.”

“How long before you figure that’ll happen?”

“We’ll let the heat die down, confirm identity, formulate the hit, then you’ll receive your orders. Until then, maintain a holding pattern.”

“Any complications from the recent project?”

“Nothing huge. New reporter. She seems rather nosy. We’ve got a guy watching her in case she digs too deep. He’ll do what he can to keep her off the correct trail. Plus, with our insider at the police department, we don’t anticipate many complications. The locals in this area are pretty dim when it comes to issues like this.”

“That sounds fine. Thank you for the update.”

“We’ll be in touch.”


* * *

Ashley paused and gazed at the large pickup parked next to her tiny Smart. Ned leaned against the hood looking like a million dollars. A sly smile played on his lips. His eyes studied her in a way that made her tingle. “Well I’ll be darned,” he said, “fancy meeting you here.”

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