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Scamworld is Spreading

The video/article I posted yesterday has been picked up by a few interesting media outlets.

The New Yorker listed the article in their “Weekend Reading” recommendation and calls it one of the “Best Magazine Stories of the Week.”

Boing Boing picked up the article calling it, and “Incredibly Detailed Look at Internet Marketing Scams.” A quote:

The Verge‘s Joseph L. Flatley delves into the world of Internet marketing scams (those stupid spam pitches you get for “lead generation” and such) in eye-watering detail. Fundamentally, these things are exactly what they appear to be: con artists who suck money out of desperate people by lying to them about the money they can make with “work from home” businesses.

Finally, Andrew Sullivan over at The Daily Beast calls the video a, “long but excellent video.”

Very cool. If you haven’t seen the article or vid, head over to The Verge.

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