Snow, Snow, and More Snow

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Yesterday afternoon, green grass peeked out between drifts.

Last night as Maury (dear husband), Peder (wonderful son), and I trekked out on our evening walk, flakes filled the air so dense that the swirls cast dancing shadows under each street light.

‘Twas utterly cool.

Warm, calm evening. Heavy, wet snow. Thick blanket of white beneath our feet that made each foot step sound like a bag of microwave popcorn furiously popping.

Long stretches of virginal snow, not a mark to be found except the subtle rolls following asphalt cracks.

True magic.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed in the fast paced world of freelancing. But one quiet walk on a snowy evening seems to put every little problem, every challenge, every disappointment back in perspective.

We truly live on a most exciting planet. I hope you take time today to get out and enjoy it.

Talk later,