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Still On A Writing Binge

I’ve got a ton of big-time deadlines this month.

Nothing like a deadline to get those creative juices flowing.

Well, maybe not.

Yesterday afternoon, I went through one of the driest writing slumps of my career.

I sat down to type and nothing. Ab-so-lute-ly NOTHING. Blank page. Blank mind. Blank everything.

Talk about terrifying.

I stared at the screen as pure panic rose in my throat, fingers silent on the keyboard.

How could this happen? Why me? Why now?

I sat back, stared at Lucy the Rat Terrier Wonder Dog and decided not to push it.

I snapped on her leash and headed outside. After I got home, I read a ton of recipe books deciding on what to make for supper. (I settled on Taco John’s take-out. That’s what happens when you forget to combine planning with action.)

This morning I read. And read. And read some more.

As I sat to write, words began to flow.

That’s when I realized I’d been neglecting to “fill my cup.”

How can we writers expect words to flow when we don’t regularly “fill our cup” by reading at least as much as we write?

I’ve been disseminating this tid-bit of advice for years. I hate it when I forget to follow my own recommendations.

Now go forth… avoid my newbie mistake. Fill your cup.

Talk later,

Beth, who’s back to enjoying her writing (and reading) binge.

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