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Summer 2013

Summer’s basically over

I’ve gotta say, summer 2013 was pretty bad. Gitting hit with cancer surgery first thing out of the chute really put a crimp in any plans I may have had.

But the silver lining is that through it all, I was somehow able to hobble around town with the two pups. And oh, aren’t they gorgeous.

Jake the Min Pin turned 13. It’s hard to get him to slow down enough to snap a pic, but I managed to nab this one.




Rudie the Doxie Cross is now seven years old. I remember the day she came to live with us, she was the tiniest little girl I’d ever met. Her sweet nature makes her one of the nicest canines who has ever lived with us.

It’s tough to watch their faces turn white. The silver fur has begun to creep from their faces, down their spine. But with each new color change comes a new dimension to their continually developing personalities.


I like my dogs.


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