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Talk about Embarrassing

Talk about Embarrassing…

OK. I get up yesterday and all is well. Dang near perfect, if you ask me.

You see, I’m on the fair island of Friday Harbor smack dab in the middle of the San Juan Islands in Washington State.


You’d have to be half dead not to be blown away by the absolute gorgeousness of the place.

So, back to yesterday.

I wake up in a glorious mood. I head to the opulent condo dining room which we converted into our very cluttered pseudo office and did one thing that set my day off on a sour note.

I started fuming. Grinding my teeth. Tightening my lips.

I thought Leah (my dear friend and business partner) would die laughing.

Next thing I knew, she had the camera out and started taping.

Truth is, I thought I was out of my bad mood by then.

But jeepers. My face looks like I’d just finished sucking a big fat pickle.

If you’re interested in avoiding my big mistake check out the video.

Don’t worry. No selling. Just pure information and a great big freelance tip.

I wish I’d followed my own advice yesterday.

Talk later!

Beth (and Leah)

P.S. After you check out the video, help me feel less embarrassed by sharing your own similar experience. I’d sure appreciate it.


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