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Technological Snafus

It’s been quite a few weeks. First my desktop computer has a “fatal cascading Windows error.” Then we get Linux up and running on it. Then I can’t get into my websites because my software won’t work in Linux.

Next up, “PeeWee,” my wonderful laptop doesn’t quite have the oomph to push my website software.

Hence, I ponied up the dough to purchase a new laptop. A little Dell, to be specific. Feels good. Keyboard clicks well. However, it’s a Vista machine and I’m not quite sure about it yet. So far my sound recording software has frozen it. Twice. 🙁

But I have to admit other than that, everything seems to work fine.

However, I’m torn.

I love Linux. I’m enjoying Vista. But they don’t seem to cooperate as well as I’d like.

So, I spend my days writing, recording, running little jump drives between the two computers.

Makes for an interesting day.

Seems like I’ll need to choose one operating system… eventually.

I’ll think about that tomorrow.

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