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The “Etc” in Writing Etc.

OK. Personal life here. But it’s appropriate considering the big medical news today.

Quick background. My dear husband experienced a heart attack three years ago. Got put on a ton of meds. Hated it. Side effects were horrendous. Decided to control his blood numbers by modifying his diet.

Three years ago… total cholesterol was 259.

We just received his latest blood test report and wow. Today his total cholesterol sits at 163.

No meds. Not a one. His other blood numbers are fantastic as well.

We’re thrilled.

I mention this because all the national news is reporting that “low fat diets” don’t lower your risk of heart disease.


If you actually read the study, you’ll find out that (on average) the participants ingested around 30 percent of their calories from fat… down from 35 percent.

That’s not low fat.

Maury (my dear husband) lowered his numbers by slashing his fat intake to around 7 to 15 percent of his total calories per day. No added fats. Absolutely no meat. Forget dairy, too. He doesn’t eat much processed food either.

What do we eat? Lots of whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

I guess that makes us vegans. A very low fat vegan diet at that.

Thing is, this food plan we follow is scientifically based. Respected cardiac researchers, physicians, and researchers such as Ornish, McDougall, Pinkney, Esselstyn, Bernard, and Campbell have proven that this regimen not only prevents heart disease, it actually reverses it. Studies have been replicated time and time again.

But most of importantly, these dietary changes (oh, and the food’s great… just in case you’re wondering) are working in my dear husband’s favor.

Amazingly, these study stats (reported in reputable medical journals) aren’t blasted over mainstream media.

How sad.

Talk later,


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