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“The drugs don’t work: a modern medical scandal”

Now… I’m solidly pro-doc. If it weren’t for the medical profession, I wouldn’t have a husband. However, in the last few years, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among my peers. It seems more and more of them are on prescription drugs to handle chronic medical conditions, but the drugs seem to be treating symptoms, not the root cause.

For example, we’re managing my husband’s heart disease through diet, and diet alone. With our dietary switch, we’ve lowered his cholesterol from 259 to 131. It was easy, he feels great, life is good.

While our friends on cholesterol lowering drugs indeed do lower their cholesterol, their quality of life doesn’t seem to be as good as ours. They’re continually dealing with side effects, new drugs to deal with new conditions, copious visits to the doc to manage meds… it’s a downward spiral.

Now, one of my heroes, Ben Goldacre has an incredible piece in The Guardian. Check it out.

Kudos to Vegsource for the heads up.

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