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The Simpsons Versus the Constitution

Big hmmm today.

Seems more Americans could name two members of the Simpson family (of Fox cartoon fame) than could name two of the five rights granted by the first amendment of the US constitution.

Is that a commentary on the power of the media or what?

As Roy H. Williams said so eloquently in last Monday’s Monday Morning Memo:

Salience + Repetition = effective branding

This new survey illustrates this concept brilliantly.

The Simpsons offers biting commentary of American life. Great illustration of salience. And repetition? Jeepers, how often is that show on? Pretty much every day, perhaps more.

The Simpsons represents one particularly strong “brand” which makes them very memorable, as evidenced by the survey.

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Now for the obvious question: How do you use this information to strengthen your freelance writing career?

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