Vibrating the Floor With Sound

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It’s nearly 6:00PM and I really should get out of the office.

It’s been a busy day, another issue of Writing Etc. (my zine for writers) is set to sail. I worked on my book. Client stuff’s shaping up well.

Storm’s moving in, darkness creeps across the floor, the dogs are uber-friendly knowing supper’s close at hand, and Elton John’s blaring on the computer.

I know. I shouldn’t play CDs on the computer. Wears out the drive, my son tells me.

But ever since I received some big honking computer speakers for Christmas, I just can’t bear to allow those electronic marvels to sit quiet on the floor.

So they throb away, totally filling the room with lyrics, making my ears buzz.

Gotta love it.

Song writers amaze me. Always have.

I just can’t get over the economy of their words.

I mean seriously… don’t you wish you would have written something like…

“You’re gonna hear electric music
Solid walls of sound”

(From Bennie and the Jets, John/Taupin)

I admit. Some lyrics border on cheese-tastic. OK. A lot of them deserve that title.

But wow… once you hit a fantastic line, doesn’t it just give you the chills?

And I guess that’s what I’m looking for right now as the day winds down: a line or two that reminds me why I continue searching for the perfect phrase, the eloquent prose, the down and dirty line-up of words that’ll adequately describe what goes on inside this foggy head.

Hehehehe. That sounded downright deep. I better close shop for the day and crack open a good book. I think I’ll let Elton CD run its course first, though.

After all, there are legions of words variations I haven’t fully experienced yet.

Talk later,