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Great art is powerful. It’s thought provoking. Its message leaps back into your memory long after you’ve left the installation.

It’s haunting. Brooding. Heart wrenching. Fearless.

*Note: the following may be NSFW.*

Those words accurately describe Nona Faustine’s latest project. The photo series called “White Shoes,” depicts the “hidden history of slavery in New York City.”

As a time traveler I’m very invested in the past and our future. I see myself, the people who built this city and country as one. They deserve so much recognition for their sacrifice and contributions, something that is still being denied them. There was a force deep inside of me that needed to pay homage to those who played a pivotal role in the early history of this city, and the spaces in which they existed. I wanted to uncover those places where a tangible link to the past exists. Being a documentarian at heart I wanted you to feel and see those spaces, let your mind wonder. What does a Black body look like today in the place where they sold human beings 250 years ago? No other medium but photography and film could do that.

And boy, oh boy does she capture it.


It’s an amazing series by a fearless artist. Check out the images here. Prepare to be dazzled… and haunted.

Here’s an author interview.