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Writers Conferences

Writing conferences are a pain in the patootie.

First, you have to pony up way too much money to get your hands on an admission ticket.

Then you have to purchase an over-priced airline boarding pass, haul yourself to the airport, shoot a couple days traveling, then huddle in a cold conference room yearning for the moment you can stand and stretch.

If you’re very lucky, your morning bowl of oatmeal won’t cost over eight bucks.

Yup. Attending a writers’ conference isn’t for the faint of heart.

So, why do I attend so many of them?

Simple. I want to become the best writer in my field. I want to command the big fees the top guys get. And I’m well on my way to this lofty goal.

One way I can accomplish this is by stretching past my limits and mingle with my peers.

If it weren’t for conferences I wouldn’t have met any of my dear writing friends.

If it weren’t for conferences I wouldn’t have met the stellar marketers in this field, some of whom I consider friends.

If it weren’t for conferences I would have missed out on some fantastic writing assignments.

And I’m not even mentioning all the great information I learn at these things… cutting edge stuff that propels my career so far ahead of the linger-at-homers I cringe every time I miss one of these long-winded beauties.

So yeah. I’m currently in Seattle at yet another conference.

And is it worth it? Absolutely. It’s worth its weight in gold.

Talk later. I’m heading back into the main room again. Hope they turned off the air conditioner. 🙂


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